Thursday, July 24, 2008

Auckland, New Zealand, is tops for quality of life, and cheap too.

Its official: Auckland, New Zealand, is not only one of the best cities of the world in which to live, according to a recently published report from the international consulting group Mercer, but it's also cheap living.

On the quality of life index Auckland ranked 5th behind Zurich, Vienna, Geneva and Vancouver . . . not bad company to be keeping.

It ranked well ahead of Sydney (10th), Melbourne (17th) and Wellington, New Zealand.

Cities were ranked on such considerations as personal safety, schools and education, climate, personal freedom and political stability as well as quality of life and housing.

Which only goes to prove what Aucklanders have known all along. It really is a great place to work, live and visit.

Mercer’s most recently announced worldwide study, the cost of living in various places, puts Auckland well down the list at 78th which puts the lie to claims one hears occasionally that the cost of living here is on a par with that in Britain and Europe. In fact it is slightly cheaper than San Francisco and keeps company with cities like Beirut and Casablanca.

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