Friday, February 5, 2010

Winery Tour a feast of New Zealand music - travellers should catch it.

If you are travelling New Zealand on holiday try to catch the More-FM Winery Concert Tours somewhere along its way. It's a feast of world-class New Zealand music.

At Ascension Vineyard, between Warkworth and Matakana last night a crowd of 4000 sat under the setting sun enjoyed the venue's fine wine products, supped up on picnic hampers and were treated to a pot-pourri of classics from Tim Finn, Bic Runga and Dave Dobbin.

The warm-up set was done by Runga's younger sister, Boh Runga, along with major hip-hop star, Supergroove front-man Che Fu - and they alone would have been feast enough to justify the entrance money. They were on stage for well over an hour.

The three main players reprised a tour they did together 10 years ago, and time has not wearied them. They gave us all the hits we wanted to hear with Finn reaching back to the days of Split Enz , Crowded house and his own solo career. We got Weather, I See Red with it's high energy and discordant piano riffs, Six Months in A Leaky Boat. Bic Runga's hits Sway and Driver were there and Dobbin served up Wailing, Loyal - anthem of New Zealand's America's Cup bid a few years back - and You Oughta Be in Love, the theme from the film Footrot Flats.

Not surprisingly, given the career paths of the performers, the age range of the audience was wide, very wide. At least three if not four generations. The middle age moshers down front had their kids, and grandkids, boppin' to the beats.

The show covers 18 shows at 16 venues from as far north as Tutukaka to Millbrook at Queenstown.

Seriously, if you are here on holiday this is your chance to sample the best of Kiwi music.

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