Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Christchurch Eateries Decimated

I can not believe how many restaurants and cafes Christchurch has lost.  I knew it was bad but until today I had no idea just how bad. 

If a Roman legion failed to perform in battle the officers would execute every tenth man . . . thus the term decimated.  That's at least what has happened to a city that used to have an excellent dining environment. In the central city I would guess that nine out of ten eateries have closed permanently.

Right now I'm writing the Christchurch page of my extended Travelguide to New Zealand and I'm slogging through all the restaurant options to select the best. 

Time after time when I look up an entry I'm told that the building has been condemned and the restaurant will not re-open.  There seem to be literally dozens and dozens of eateries - including some of the city's best - that have disappeared never to return. 

Sadly some of my favourite watering holes now lie in ruins in the red zone and the promenade of eateries fronting the river along Oxford St are similarly momentarily unavailable, but there are still some posh nosh spots to be savoured. Spagalimis, 50 On The Park at the George Hotel,  Cathays at Hornby for cheap Chinese, Chinwag Eathai Victoria, Cook.n With Gas,  Corianders for Indian, Edesia out at Addington, JC’s Place Chinese restaurant at Riccarton, JDV  at Merivale, and if you’re out that way and prefer Thai try Merry Thai, Nobanno in Colombo St, Pescatore another highly rated George Hotel option, Rotherhams of Riccarton Servantis in Burnside.  

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