Friday, August 9, 2013

Christchurch's Woolston Shopping Mall is Fantastic

It just has to be the new Must Visit in Christchurch - the shopping mall in the old Woolston tannery buildings, better known in more recent years as the Cassels and Sons Brewing Co. 

Alasdair Casels has had a vision for the old tannery for some time.  Prior to the devastating Christchurch earthquakes he had established a craft brewing business there, but could see a great deal more potential in the site. 

The earthquakes fairly much bowled the brewery and put the buildings at risk. 

Undeterred - even by the unimaginable cost - Cassels had a team of workmen strip down 150,000 bricks, clean them and once structural strengthening had been put in place, return them to their original place. 

Then he set about turning the interior into something magical. 

This is what you expect to find in London, or even Melbourne.  But in industrial Woolston?  Magic! 

The brewery is back in business and now there is a gaggle of shops, artisans and craftspeople on site.

If you are visiting the city you simply have to go there.  If for no other reason than to spend a few bob to keep the retailers in business so that further extensions of the development will make commercial sense. 

Already this is a marvellous addition to Christchurch's attractions.  As it develops further it will become, I predict, one of the top three attractions in the city. 

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